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Using our virtual fair platform, the exhibitors can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get access to a huge number of international buyers globally (minimum 600,000 buyers in the database of the fair organizer)
  • Display your products and your brand in very impressive way at the most economical expenses
  • View, rotate, and zoom in or out your products from web or mobile browsers on any device. This will help the visitors to interact with the products the way they want.
  • Offer the visitors opportunity to see how the product looks in their chosen place with the help of mobile AR technology
  • Conduct direct online contact with the visitors through both message and video conference during the fair
  • Effectively manage the orders from the buyers
  • Effectively manage the visitors and traffic at the booth through the dashboard and integrated AI technology
  • Join the regular events organized by the fair
  • Get update the latest market information once you register for the service.
  • Show your products professionally through the year if you register for the service
We believe that Lifestyle Vietnam Online is the only virtual fair that you can find these special functions.


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